"Fundamental and applied aspects"
VIII-th International Conference

Organized by:
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Donetsk Physics and Technology Institute named after A.A. Galkin NAS of Ukraine

September 20-22, 2004
Donetsk, Ukraine

Dear colleagues, we take pleasure in inviting you to participate in the eighth International Conference "High pressure - 2004, Fundamental and applied aspects". Previous conference held on October 14-18, 2002 was of high interest in Ukraine and abroad. Nearly 180 scientists, including 35 persons from CIS countries and foreign countries participated in the conference.

Conference aim

To assist the exchange of information and intensification of research work in the field of fundamental and applied aspects of high-pressure science - a dynamically developing sector of solid-state physics, material science and science of machines.

Conference location

The conference will take place at Donetsk Physics and Technology Institute named after A.A. Galkin, the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. The Organizing Committee invites you to the capital of Donetsk region awarded by UNESCO medal as the cleanest industrial town in the world. Donetsk is a unique scientific, cultural and business centre of Ukraine. There are a free economic zone, dozens of scientific research and design institutes, institutions of the National Academy of Science, institutions of higher education united in Donetsk research centre. At your disposal there are theatres, stadiums, modern tennis-courts, including those at DonPTI NAS Ukraine, beautiful parks are other recreation sites. At this season, the and weather is mainly dry, the day-time temperature equals 20śC.

Head of Program Committee:
V.N. Varyukhin, DonPTI NAS Ukraine.

Head of Organizing Committee:
V.A. Beloshenko, DonPTI NAS Ukraine.

Academic Secretary of the Conferences:
N.N. Bilousov, DonPTI NAS Ukraine.

Conference languages

Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Publication of conference materials

Reviewed papers will be published in the journal "High-pressure physics and technology". The maximum volume of a publication – 4 pages.

Additional information

Seminar "Nanostructure materials produced by methods of severe plastic deformation under high pressure" (organized by NATO) will be held in parallel with the Conference. Information is on site: http://www.nato-arw.donbass.com/